Carrie Underwood Dishes on Favorite Christmas Traditions with Maddie and Tae

by Halle Ames

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Putting the star on the tree? Or maybe opening a present on Christmas eve? Well, country music star Carrie Underwood isn’t flashy when it comes to Christmas traditions. She likes to keep it simple and be around those she loves most.

Carrie Underwood Traditions

In a “Cracker Barrel Sounds of the Season” interview and performance, female music stars came together to talk about everything involved with the holiday. Carrie Underwood, Maddie and Tae, and Runaway June sit fireside while Underwood reveals her family of four traditions.

“I feel like our tradition is being together, seeing family, and that involves a lot of travel,” says Underwood. “We go to Oklahoma to see my family and go to Canada to see my husband’s family. So it’s like we go someplace before Christmas, we come back to Nashville for Christmas, and then we go someplace- to the other place right afterward.”

Underwood also says that no matter where they go, her family always gets a white Christmas.

“Oh yeah. There is a lot of snow. Obviously, we make lots of snowmen, all the kids skate, like last Christmas, they were building igloos and stuff like that.”

Maddie and Tae

The ladies of Maddie and Tae chime in about how this is Tae’s first Christmas married to her husband, Josh Kerr. Tae and Josh are now in the situation of trying to make their own traditions. But who needs a man when you have a best friend.

“We actually have a tradition that we don’t even realize,” said Maddie Marlow. “We do Christmas crafting every year, and we made little like snowmen out of wine bottles, so maybe we will do our wreath this year.” The women then sing together, “with our new last names.”

The line is from Maddie and Tae’s new festive holiday song, “Merry Married Christmas.”

In addition, Carrie Underwood’s first Christmas album, My Gift, has been topping charts since it came out in September of this year. According to Billboard, it is also the country singer’s eighth consecutive number one album on the Top Country Albums chart.