Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean Have Fans ‘Obsessed’ With Surprise Collaboration

by Joe Rutland

Well, country music fans find themselves in a tizzy as superstars Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean put together a surprise collaboration.

Underwood and Aldean have their fan bases who fervently follow their every move. Both of them also have made their marks in the world of country music over the past few years.

So, what brings Carrie Underwood and Aldean together? One country music fan shared her thoughts in a tweet. One that’s, shall we say, “obsessed” over the new song.

“If I Didn’t Love You” brings the two stellar singers together for one amazing track.

Aldean shared the news with his fan base, too, through his Twitter account on Thursday.

“My new single with @CarrieUnderwood is out now! Let us know what y’all think! #IfIDidntLoveYou” Aldean wrote to his followers.

Now for Jason Aldean, this new song duet with Underwood marks his first new music since “9” premiered in 2019. “Blame It On You,” which is off that album, has reached the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country charts.

As we at Outsider know you love country music, then go give this duet a listen right now. You, too, might join the “obsessed” crowd with Twitter fan ellie.

Carrie Underwood Looks Back On Her Time With ‘American Idol’

Obviously, country music fans know they first fell in love with Carrie Underwood when she won “American Idol.”

That would open doors for the star which she continues to walk through even to this day.

During that show’s fourth season in 2005, Underwood captured the hearts and souls of millions of viewers. That led to her victory at the season’s end.

How does Underwood look back on those times in her life? Back in 2016, she talked about it in an interview with the Hartford (Conn.) Courant newspaper.

“Like a Cinderella story! I mean, I grew up in an Oklahoma town of 3,500 people,” Underwood said. “I’d never been on a plane before and was flying to L.A. by myself! I thought I had no chance of winning. I still don’t know why, but people — for some reason — voted for me, and it’s been crazy. It was like, in one day, my life completely changed.”

Indeed, her life did change. With Carrie Underwood releasing her first album “Some Hearts” also in 2005, she pegged herself as a country music star. Songs like “Jesus Take the Wheel” gained traction. Her work earned her Grammy Awards and “Some Hearts” became the highest-selling solo female debut album in country music history.

Not bad for a small-town girl from Oklahoma. Carrie Underwood these days is getting ready for a Las Vegas residency, so fans can go see her perform in the Nevada playground.