Carrie Underwood on Her Christmas Tree: ‘It Won’t Be Pinterest-Worthy’

by Jennifer Shea

Country star Carrie Underwood has a special Christmas tree this year. In fact, she’s had a special tree every year since her 5-year-old son Isaiah started bringing home handmade decorations from school.

Underwood says she wants a tree that reflects her kids’ childhood memories and showcases their arts and crafts.

“I want them to see their pictures from when they were little, or that thing they made in kindergarten, hanging on the tree,” she said. “You know, it won’t be Pinterest-worthy, but it’s definitely got a lot of heart.”

Silver and Gold

It wasn’t always this way. When Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher first got together, they chose a relatively spare decorating scheme, she told Taste of Country and other media outlets at a recent virtual press conference. 

“I feel like our decorations started out as being very silver and gold, you know, simple, but not super colorful,” she said.

But they had to abandon that approach right away once Isaiah started school.

“Isaiah starts bringing home the things that they make at school, and [our Christmas decorating plans] all went out the window, in the best way,” Underwood explained. “We have a ton of pictures of Isaiah on the tree. It’s basically the Isaiah tree, with two pictures of Jake thrown in there.”

Carrie Underwood Values the Familiar

Underwood’s younger son is almost two years old. He doesn’t have much of a presence on the tree, but she’s trying to bring him out from the shadow of his older brother.

“I just ordered some new ornaments off of one of the picture apps, and they should be here any day now, so Jake can get on the tree as well,” she said.

Underwood recalled her own upbringing on a farm, where they had their pre-Pinterest holiday traditions. The singer said she wouldn’t trade their annual Christmas decorations even though they became a little worn down.

“And there was something so nice about the familiar, you know? Just having that comfort of, ‘Oh, these are the little horse candle holders that Mom always puts on the piano,’” she said. “We had the same stockings, and by the time I was in my teens, they were gross-looking, but I did not want any new ones.”

Underwood released a Christmas album, “My Gift,” this autumn. It is her seventh studio album.