Carrie Underwood Reveals Her Favorite Looks from ‘My Gift’ Christmas Special

by Katie Maloney

Carrie Underwood “had the pleasure and honor of wearing some of the most incredible dresses,” during her Christmas Special, My Gift.

Underwood posted a video of herself reviewing the dresses and commenting on some of her favorite looks including her “mermaid dress.” The Instagram post reads, “Carrie Reacts to Gowns in the My Gift Christmas Special. Hear about all of Carrie’s stunning looks from the #MyGift Christmas Special!”

 Carrie Underwood Shares Her Top 5 Christmas Tips

Underwood posted another video to her Instagram page, sharing her top five Christmas tips, tricks, and traditions. Her first tip is to focus on the true meaning of the holiday. “It’s not all about getting. It’s really important to give as well. It makes your Christmas better and it definitely makes someone else’s Christmas better,” says Underwood.

Additionally, Underwood says that everyone should eat. She says that she loves working out and eating healthy most of the year. However, Christmas is a time to splurge. “Eat,” she says. “I will get my menu all lined up before Christmas. I plan it out, I know what I’m going to make. And I get excited about it.”

Lastly, Underwood recommends that everyone take time to simply enjoy the moment and be grateful. “Don’t forget to take a look around. These times can be stressful during normal circumstances. 2020 has given us a set of new circumstances,” says Underwood. “But there are silver linings. You’re here, you have breath in your lungs and, hopefully, you have some family around who you can take it all in with,” she says.

You can still watch Carrie Underwood’s Christmas special, My Gift, on HBO Max. During the special, Underwood performs songs from her new Christmas album of the same name. Additionally, you can watch adorable behind the scenes footage of Underwood recording “Little Drummer Boy,” with her five-year-old son.

Carrie Underwood recorded this song with her son.