Carrie Underwood Reveals How Her Family ‘Flips The Christmas Switch’

by Kayla Zadel

Carrie Underwood is sharing her childhood family traditions. She admits how getting in the spirit was as easy as turning the Christmas lights on.

“We would always like decorate the weekend right after Thanksgiving,” Underwood states in the video. “You know, flip the Christmas switch.”

She also says that Christmas was a comforting time for her as a child. The “American Idol” alum has so many memories of her childhood Christmases, so she hopes she creating moments with her two boys that they will remember.

“Now that we’re adults and have kids, you know that we can go to the Christmas tree farm,” Underwood says. “We can walk around, and we can pick out which one, and ask Isiah you know which one do you think, and you know just things like that, making those memories.”

Christmas is a ‘Joyful Time of Year’ for Carrie Underwood

The country music star has been celebrating Christmas since September. With the release of her Christmas album “My Gift,” Underwood shares that the holiday has been year-round for her.

“I started working on this album last fall and recorded it in the spring … so I’ve literally been living with Christmas music for a year now!” she said. “I hope the album will be a soundtrack for people as they prepare for and celebrate Christmas. That would make me happy.”

Additionally, she has one of the most precious collaborators on her new Christmas alum. She and her son sing the Christmas classic “Little Drummer Boy” together.

“So happy we captured the sweetest voice in this special moment in time,” Underwood wrote in an Instagram post earlier this month.

Not only has Carrie by caroling to Christmas music, but she’s also getting into the Christmas spirit in several different ways. She took her two boys to see Santa Claus, they’ve been decorating and even baking, too!

Underwood even has a Christmas special, also titled “My Gift,” streaming on HBO. And Christmas came early this year for the successful artist. Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, already gave her what she wanted this Christmas.