Carrie Underwood Reveals Quarantine Hobby She Picked up as ‘Stress-Manager’

by Matthew Wilson

Many country singers have had to fill their time after touring cancellations due to COVID-19. For Dierks Bently, it was skateboarding. For Luke Bryan, it was hunting. And for Carrie Underwood, she found a love for gardening and the outdoors.

In an interview with Connected with Kelly, the country artist described gardening as the perfect “stress manager.” Underwood finally found the time to try her hand at planting.

“I got more into gardening. So I had a garden. Last year was my first year to have a garden,” Underwood said. “But I didn’t get out much myself in it as I would have liked. This year was so much more me. I got to be out there every single day and pull weeds. There’s something so satisfying about being like ‘I’m going to go get dinner and you go out to the garden.’ Right now I have kale and spinach and stuff in the garden. It’s such a nice thing.”

Carrie Underwood and Her Son Spend Time in the Garden

It’s an activity that she shares with her son Isaiah. The activity has even convinced the 5-year-old to eat his vegetables come dinner time.

“My oldest son Isaiah will come out there and pick spinach with me,” Underwood said. “I feel like he wants to eat it a little more afterward after he helped with it. It’s been a good stress manager this year.”

When he’s not helping in the garden, Isaiah and his brother Jacob will help take care of the animals on Underwood’s farm. The entire family has embraced the outdoors during the pandemic. The singer also said she tries to stay in contact with other family members through video chat and pictures.

“I talk to my mama pretty much every day,” Underwood said. “At least five days a week if not seven days a week. I think that’s my connection to family because she just knows what’s going on with everybody. We have been Zooming and Facetiming a lot more with family members.”