Carrie Underwood Speaks on New Album ‘My Gift’: ‘I’ve Literally Been Living with Christmas Music’

by Will Shepard

Carrie Underwood talks about her new Christmas album, “My Gift” which was released on September 25. In a short, but candid interview with People Magazine, she shares her thoughts and inspiration.

“I started working on this album last fall and recorded it in the spring … so I’ve literally been living with Christmas music for a year now!” she said. “I hope the album will be a soundtrack for people as they prepare for and celebrate Christmas. That would make me happy.”

It seems as though Christmas has come early for country fans and pop music fans alike. Underwood has a new single out on Amazon Music called, “Favorite Time of Year.”

In the interview with People Magazine, she talks about how the pandemic affects her life. In particular, she talks about how her family relationships are tested on a daily basis.

Underwood and Her Music

By all means, Underwood is no stranger to Christmas music. In addition, she has a 2007 album devoted to Christmas songs. This album is entitled, “Carnival Ride.” Certainly, her new album will do equally well, if not better.

With ‘My Gift,’ Underwood kept herself in bright spirits as she created this album throughout the pandemic. Working on her album for the better part of a year surely inspires good tidings. More importantly though, her wish hoping for everyone to have a good holiday season is definitely possible with this album.

Carrie Underwood is a superstar who has been dominating the country music world for a long time. Underwood is married to retired NHL and ex-Nashville Captain, Mike Fisher.

The couple has two sons together who will undoubtedly become superstars in their own rights. These family dynamics amid the current pandemic inspire the beautiful songs on “My Gift.”

But, for the family’s holiday traditions in their family, they tend to keep it fairly simple.

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