Carrie Underwood Tried an Aging Filter and Was Not Happy with the Results: ‘This is Mean’

by Joe Rutland

Maybe it’s a case of “be careful what you wish for” because using an age-advance filter on her phone didn’t work out for Carrie Underwood.

The country music singer-songwriter was sitting around with her husband Mike Fisher and decided to have a little fun. After all, sometimes being in quarantine for a period of time makes some people go stir crazy.

Who really knows what got into Carrie Underwood when she put the aging filter on a video of herself.

The results were, um, less than flattering. Underwood shares her moment of getting older on Twitter.

There is a long time before Underwood truly joins the world of senior citizens. Maybe she’ll reconsider when using a “look older” filter on the phone in her future.

Carrie Underwood Planning To Release Gospel Album

Getting back to her musical career, Carrie Underwood is planning to release a gospel album called “My Savior” this year.

Underwood tweeted her desire to release a gospel-themed album. Her career actually started through singing hymns in public.

“The songs on this album are literally songs I’ve heard since birth,” she said in a trailer for the album. “… (They’re) familiar. These songs are like a warm hug.”

She recorded “My Savior” last year at the same time she recorded My Gift her No. 1 Christmas album.

“Both of those projects were bucket list projects for me,” Underwood told People. “With everything I do, I just want to be positive. And we had the Christmas album, which was so near and dear to my heart.”

These records are a reflection of her deep faith as a Christian. She hopes both of them will be gifts to those that receive the messages through the songs on them both.

Underwood Admits That She Is No Fan Of Turtles

Meanwhile, animals are usually something Carrie Underwood has no problems with at all. But there is one animal that she freely admits she is no fan of at all: turtles.

She joined actress/talk-show host Drew Barrymore on “The Drew Barrymore Show” to reveal what sparked this phobia.

“I mean, it’s not a, like, you know, petrifying fear of turtles,” Underwood said. “I feel like out of all the animals on the planet, they’re the ones who have bit me the most. Very strange.”

Now Underwood is all in about loving animals. She said all of this turtle biting actually started in her hometown of Muskogee, Okla.

“I grew up in the country,” she said. “Turtles were the easiest things to catch because they’re slow, and I would catch them, and I love animals so much that I feel like I would always try to pet them or hug them, and that led to them taking opportunities. I’ve been bitten by lots of turtles. It does not feel good.”