Carrie Underwood’s Time on American Idol Counted as a College Internship: Here’s How

by Madison Miller

As many people know, Carrie Underwood started her legendary career in music by winning the singing competition, “American Idol.”

Underwood was on season four of “American Idol” in 2005. After winning the show, she would go on to become a seven-time Grammy-winning country artist. She is often considered one of the most successful talents found on the show.

However, megastardom, Grammys, and money isn’t the only thing Underwood got after singing for millions on the show. She also got some college credit.

How Did ‘American Idol’ Count as College Credit?

Carrie Underwood won the show while she was a college student. At the time, she was attending Northeastern State University. She got a Bachelor of Arts in mass communications and an emphasis in journalism.

Her time on the show was a good portion of 2005. Then the next year she was able to graduate on May 6, 2006. Underwood was able to graduate so quickly after because she had counted “American Idol” as a college internship.

According to The Boot, Underwood was actually three credits away from getting her degree before going on the show. Her school actually ended up giving her those three credits from being a contestant. Not only did fans watch Underwood win the competition on stage, but we also watched her complete college.

Underwood graduated magna cum laude from NSU. She was also a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority.

After winning she went back home to be in her graduation ceremony and declined any interviews. While she got her degree after winning, she never really had to use it. Although, an understanding of journalism and the media may have helped her navigate talk shows and interviews.

Instead, that year she released her debut album, “Some Hearts.” It featured some of Underwood’s most known songs like “Before He Cheats” and “Jesus, Take the Wheel.”

A Possible Other Career for Carrie Underwood

Underwood didn’t always want to become insanely famous and perform for millions of people as a career.

According to Showbiz CheetSheat, when she was in college she wanted to eventually become a TV news anchor.

When she had gotten that golden ticket during her audition, Underwood reevaluated whether she actually wanted to be on the show. Suddenly the thought of performing in front of millions of people was incredibly daunting.

“I was so distracted that when Mom and Dad were driving me to the airport to go to Hollywood, I realized I’d forgotten lip liner. We stopped at a grocery store, and Mom dashed inside to buy some. All at once, it was just too much. Going out to Los Angeles by myself, competing with all those other people who were so talented. I burst into tears. My dad turned to me in the backseat. ‘Carrie,’ he said, ‘we can go home right now, and we don’t ever have to talk about it again,’” Carrie Underwood said to Guideposts.

Clearly, she overcame that feeling. She would go on to be in the top two for the season with Bo Bice. Then, it was her standing on the stage celebrating the start of her new career path.