Carrie Underwood’s Veteran’s Day Message: ‘Land of the Free Because of the Brave’

by Chase Thomas

What a busy week for Carrie Underwood with the CMAs taking place earlier this week. Just because she’s a busy woman doesn’t mean Underwood couldn’t take the time to honor America’s veterans for this Veteran Days.

Her Instagram post on Thursday read, “HappyVeteransDay This is the land of the free because of the brave! Thank you for your service…God bless you and your families. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.”

A very nice gesture and show of thanks by Carrie that fans poured in on the page thanking her for the note.

Carrie Underwood’s Family Life

The COVID-19 pandemic was hard on all of us. It’s still hard on a lot of us. Part of what happened during the pandemic, especially during the early quarantine period, was that folks spent more time at home with one another than they ever had before.

Underwood was no different with her family. Because she was not on the go anymore, she was at home constantly with her husband Mike Fisher and their two sons. Underwood said of the time together alone, “Like, it’s kinda weird.”

She continued,”He’s like, ‘No, you know you love someone, but it’s like, when you are off doing your own thing, and then, you know, you come have dinner together, you don’t really have to, like, deal with each other that much.’ “

We’re sure a lot of you could probably relate to Underwood’s new revelation with her family during this period. A lot of us got used to doing our own thing every day and with how busy life can be, it’s easy to miss out on the important things like family dinners at home because of how busy everyone is all the time. Like Underwood said, the pandemic forced the family sit down together and hang out with one another.

Underwood also said, “Just getting to wake up every morning and see them, and put them to bed every night, my husband was like, ‘How many dinners have we sat at this table?’ And I’m like, ‘Well, there’s 52 weeks in a year, seven days a week.’ I was like, ‘You can do the math!'”

This is the hard part about being a country music star. There is just only so much time in a given day, a given week or a given month. We always wish we had more time. For Carrie Underwood, she relished the newfound time together. Time she didn’t have with her two boys before everything shut down. It made everyone think, including Underwood, about what’s truly important in this world. How careful we have to be with the time that we’ve got.