Charlie Daniels Band Shares ‘Best Photobomb of All Time’ With Bill Clinton

by Matthew Wilson

There are photobombs, then there are presidential photobombs. Charlie Daniels Jr. shared a photo of him and his late father on the official Charlie Daniels Band social media accounts posing for a snap with former President George Bush. In the background, another former president snuck in for the group photo. That’s Bill Clinton’s smiling face above Bush’s right shoulder.

Daniels Jr. shared the encounter via social media and revealed the story behind the encounter.

He wrote, “I spoke to President Bush & asked if we could get a picture. We noticed the best photobomb of all time as Bill must have turned around just as we were taking it and appeared as if to say, “Y’all don’t forget about me!”

Charlie Daniels Met the Presidents at the 2005 Super Bowl

The encounter with both presidents occurred in 2005 at Super Bowl XXXIX. Both Daniels and Gretchen Wilson performed in the pregame show for that year’s football matchup. After the performance, both Daniels, his son and Wilson accidentally bumped into the two former presidents.

“Our security stopped us and said that former presidents Bill Clinton and George HW Bush were coming around the tunnel,” Daniels Jr. wrote. He said they waited to greet the presidents. “Dad had met President Bush before, but I had not, and neither of us had met Bill Clinton.”

According to Daniels Jr., Wilson was not a fan of meeting Clinton. The singer was visibly disgusted by the encounter due to Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky while he was in office.

“We said our goodbyes and continued on our way to the suites,” Daniels Jr. wrote. “I was walking near Gretchen, and I heard her let out a sound of disgust. I asked her what was wrong, and she said that she shook hands with Bill and, ‘He wouldn’t let go of my hand!’ and I said, ‘And you don’t know where that hand has been…’ to which she replied loudly, ‘I know!’ I still chuckle at that to this day.”