Charlie Daniels’ Family Wishes US Marine Corps a Happy 245th Birthday on His Behalf

by Charles Craighill

Earlier today on Instagram, Charlie Daniels’ family wished the Marine Corps a happy birthday. The Marines turned 245 today, as they were created on November 10, 1775. Charlie Daniels, Jr. and Hazel Daniels wrote the post, Charlie’s son and wife, respectively.

“Since dad would have done it, mom and I want to say Happy Birthday to the US Marine Corps,” the post reads. “245 years strong! Thank you for protecting our nation.”

Charlie Daniels Sr. died on July 6 of this year at the age of 83. He died as a result of a hemorrhagic stroke at the Summit Medical Center in Nashville, TN.

More on the US Marine Corps

The Marine Corps of the United States dates all the way back to pre-revolutionary times. In October of 1775, the Continental Congress developed plans to use Marines to intercept ammunition from Britain. When this mission succeeded, the Continental Congress developed a plan to create an official standing Marine Corps. Another motivation for the standing Marine Corps was a plan to attack Nova Scotia that ended up never happening.

Following the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress temporarily abandoned the Marines and Naval service. Between the years 1785 and 1794, the military as a whole ceased to exist. In 1794, the Continental Congress passed legislation that called for a military to exist.

General John Lejeune officially recognized the date of November 10, 1775, as the Marine Corps’ birthday in 1921. It is not a “bank holiday” observed by the post office and schools etc. but is recognized nationally and within the military itself.