Charlie Daniels’ Son Posts Touching Tribute in Honor of One Year Anniversary of His Dad’s Passing

by Matthew Wilson

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since Charlie Daniels passed away. The country singer’s son Charlie Jr. remembered his father in a touching tribute. On their official website, Daniels Jr. discussed his feelings in the weeks after his father’s death.

“In some ways, it seems like just a few weeks ago, at least the memories of that week seem like they just happened, everything that has happened since feels like it’s been decades,” Daniels Jr. wrote. “Either way, it doesn’t seem like dad ‘changed addresses’ a year ago.”

Charlie Daniels passed away on July 6th following a stroke. He was 83-years-old. In the days after his death, his son struggled with grief and sadness. One thing that hit Daniels Jr. hard was watching the outpouring of support in the wake of his father’s death. Fans turned out for the funeral procession, lining the streets with signs memorializing Daniels. It made Charlie Jr. weep.

Additionally, Daniels Jr. remembered the few days leading up to his father’s death. Independence Day felt like another holiday celebrated. The family had hot dogs for dinner while chilling on the back porch. Daniels Jr. swam in the family pool in between talking with his parents. Sometimes, you don’t know the good ol’ days until they pass.

Charlie Daniels’s Legacy Continues

Likewise, the family spent July 5th in a similar manner, outside on the porch and pool. It was the last time that they would be a family again. Daniels passed away the following day from a stroke. Charlie Daniels Jr. reflected wistfully on the time he had with his father and wished he cherished those two days more.

“In some ways, those were the last two really REALLY good days I’ve had in a year,” Daniels Jr. continued. “Yes, I know that every day is a good day because of the precious gift of God’s grace, but the hole that dad left is staggeringly enormous. Not just in our hearts, but in the hearts of his fans, and in as much as trying to carry on a business and his legacy.”

But Charlie Daniels Jr. isn’t just commemorating the dead. He wants to live for his father’s legacy. The country legend’s son revealed that he’s working on some undisclosed projects that Daniels’ fans will be excited to discover in the near future.

“I’ve felt a bit lost for the first 8 months or so (feels like 8 years) since July 6, but I think I’m finally getting focused with some things that will properly keep dad’s legacy going, and will be a lot of fun for the fans. I’ve got some particulars to work out, but I think we’ll be able to make an announcement soon,” Daniels Jr. said.

Most of all, he’s trying to live by this message his father left behind: “It’s never too late and you’re never too old to learn and apply something new. Let’s all make the day count.”