Chase Rice Asks Americans to ‘Get Back to Conversation, Common Sense’ After Election Results

by Halle Ames

Country music artist Chase Rice posted a tweet last night asking Americans to be thankful for the U.S. after the election.

After Joe Biden had been named President-elect for the U.S, outrage sparked across the country with many people calling for fraud and a recount. Chase Rice, however, has moved on from the conversation and asked other Americans to join him.

In a tweet that now has over 325 retweets, 55 quote tweets, and 3,600 likes, Rice gave some advice and words of wisdom to fans.

“Good to see the American flag being flown again instead of being burned. Now, can we please shut up and stop the b-tching, moaning and complaining, and get back to conversation, common sense and the realization that we’re free, and blessed, and a bad–s country.”

Rice, who hasn’t voiced his political affiliation on Twitter, followed up his first tweet with another asking for concerts to resume.

“Also, glad to see thousands gathering again, cool, glad that’s happening, concerts can resume.”

In addition, the 35-year-old singer and songwriter retweeted a post by Matt Overton. Overton is an NFL long snapper for the Tennessee Titans. The tweet also reflects on the freedom of the United States, but also his prayers for those in charge of it.

“Praying for our country and our elected leaders. We live in the greatest country of all time and we are so lucky. God Bless America.”

Who is Chase Rice?

Chase Rice is a North Caroline native who also played football for his beloved Tarheels. Although Rice co-wrote ‘Cruise’ with Florida Georgia Line, he didn’t get a number one single until 2019 with his hit song, “Eyes on You.” It remained at number one for two weeks.

After he played a show in June of 2020, where many fans ignored CDC guidelines. Positive COVID-19 cases started to pop up in response. People were upset with Rice’s decision to play in the show, where he responded with, “If it were up to me, I wouldn’t cancel one damn show, but it ain’t…. I personally choose not to live scared, especially of something that I can’t really control.”