Chase Rice Channels Inner-Cowboy for Latest Instagram Post: ‘John Dutton Where You At?’

by Jon D. B.

Is country star Chase Rice challenging John Dutton himself to a duel – or simply playing cowboy for his latest Instagram photo?

While not typically one to sport a cowboy hat himself, country heartthrob Chase Rice is changing that today. In his latest post to Instagram, the country crooner is doing his best to look the part for fans.

“Doing cowboy shit, John Dutton where you at?” the star captions his radiant photo. Rice, of course, refers to the patriarch of Yellowstone: cable’s #1 drama and Outsider‘s favorite show on television. Within, he’s swapped his usual backward baseball cap for a very John Dutton-esque white cowboy hat. While no location is given, he is at least present for, if not actively doing, said cowboy sh*t on what looks to be an actual ranch.

Rice, of course, refers to the patriarch of Yellowstone: cable’s #1 drama and Outsider‘s favorite show on television.

Coincidentally, today is also the birthday of the legend behind John Dutton – Kevin Costner.

Chase Rice’s reference to John Dutton is the latest in a long line of mainstream references to Yellowstone. While the show got off to a slower start on Paramount, Season 3 saw the Neo-Western eclipse all other dramas on cable. By the end of the explosive Season 3 finale, Yellowstone had become the most-watched show on any cable network.

Chase Rice Hard at Work on “First Song” of 2021

As for Chase Rice himself, the singer-songwriter is hard at work on the first song he’s written in 2021.

“Unreleased New song,” he captions the recent Instagram reveal. “Hope it touches y’all like it has me. Brand new song I wrote this morning, with everything going on in our country, I wanted to put out something positive, I hope this can be a bright spot in y’alls day. God bless.”

According to Outsider‘s Josh Lanier, the song’s a simple tune “about what’s important to you changes are you grow up. And the video presentation matches the tone.”

Rice himself has plenty more to say of the song, too.

“This morning one of the best things that could have happened to me happened to me and that’s a song hit me out of nowhere,” he recalls in his video. “It doesn’t always happen like that all the time, but when it does I feel blessed. I definitely feel blessed to be able to do what I love for a living. I want to share that with you guys and I hope it’s as bright as a note in your day as it has been in mine.”

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