Chase Rice Dubs Chris Stapleton ‘Best Singer on the Planet’ After CMA Awards Performance

by Suzanne Halliburton

To think, Chris Stapleton wasn’t even supposed to perform Wednesday at the CMA’s. What would our night have been like without it?

Stapleton and his wife sang “Starting Over,” the title track to his new album, which is scheduled for release, Friday.

Chase Rice, the country singer and former reality TV star, watched in awe. He tweeted Stapleton was the “best singer on the planet.”

It’s difficult to argue against Rice.

Stapleton was a late add to the CMA lineup. The CMA announced it Monday after news broke that the Florida Georgia Line performance had to be scrapped. It seems Tyler Hubbard, a member of the band, tested positive for Covid 19 last week.

On Wednesday night, the no-fuss Stapleton stepped to the CMA stage. With an old-school, standing microphone in front of him, Stapleton quietly played his acoustic guitar and sang “Starting Over.” His wife, Morgane, then walked on stage to join him for a duet.

CMA host Darius Rucker introduced Morgane as Stapleton’s “most beloved collaborator and wife.”

It was if the two were alone in their home, singing on their back porch.

Check Out The Chris Stapleton Words

The lyrics to the song are haunting and fitting for the year the world has endured in 2020.

“Well the road rolls out like a welcome mat
To a better place than the one we’re at
And I ain’t got no kinda plan
But I’ve had all of this town I can stand
And I got friends out on the coast
We can jump in the water and see what floats
We’ve been saving for a rainy day
Let’s beat the storm and be on our wayIt don’t matter to me
Wherever we are is where I wanna be
And, honey, for once in our life
Let’s take our chances and roll the dice
I can be your lucky penny
You can be my four-leaf clover
Starting over.”

After the performance, Stapleton posted on Instagram