Chase Rice Posts Photos from Rehearsal, Shares Message About Live Music: ‘It’s Comin Back’

by Matthew Wilson

Chase Rice is getting ready to entertain audiences again. The “Three Chords & The Truth” artist shared behind the scenes photos of rehearsals for his upcoming concert series. Rice promised that live music was “comin’ back” in a big way.

In the photos, Rice stood guitar in hand on an outdoor stage, probably for the first time in months. Behind him, Rice draped an American flag as well.

On Twitter, he wrote, “Ain’t felt this in a while. Rehearsing with the guys for the first time since June. I miss live music, I miss y’all. It’s comin back, can’t wait to see y’all out there.”

Chase Rice Holds Virtual Concert Series

But live music and concerts might have to wait just a little longer. Rice is holding three virtual, live-stream concerts at his Tennessee property Twin Eagles Creek Farm.

The concerts will be held on three consecutive Sundays starting Nov. 29. For the concert, Rice has partnered with the whiskey company Jack Daniel’s.

“I’ve been blessed to have the same band and crew by my side for several years,” Rice said in a statement. “Like it has been for so many people in the music industry and around the world, this year has been a financial burden on them. It’s important to me to continue to support my road family – just like they’ve always supported me. I couldn’t think of a better way to do that than to put on some shows live from home and to maybe even share some new music while we’re at it!”

The concerts are $10 a show or $20 to livestream all three. All proceeds from the show will help Rice’s band and crew.