Chase Rice Shares Photo from Performance, Talks ‘Full Band Shows in 2021

by Josh Lanier

Chase Rice reunited with his full band Sunday night for their first show in months and he’s teasing there’s more to come. Rice said it was one of the first times he’s performed live with his band since the coronavirus pandemic began.

The Eyes For You singer posted his excitement about the show on his Instagram.

“Happy as hell to be back with the boys last night. Full band shows in 2021? Yep,” he captioned the photos.

Rice’s performance on Dec. 13 was the final of three streamed-live shows he’s done recently to benefit his band and crew members. Many of whom have been struggling with the lack of work since entertainment venues shut down earlier this year. The first two shows were stripped-down acoustic sets. The final show was a return to form.

“I’ve been blessed to have the same band and crew by my side for several years,” Rice said in a press release about the shows. “Like it has been for so many people in the music industry and around the world, this year has been a financial burden on them. It’s important to me to continue to support my road family – just like they’ve always supported me. I couldn’t think of a better way to do that than to put on some shows live from home and to maybe even share some new music while we’re at it!”

Chase Rice Thanks Apple Music for Playlist Placement

Chase Rice got some good news recently about his new song with Florida Georgia Line Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen. Apple Music added the tune to its Country Risers playlist.

“As much as it tips its hat to tradition, country music is always moving forward. This set highlights that next wave of newcomers, conversation starters, trailblazers, and risk-takers,” a description of the playlist reads.

Rice wrote the song with Hunter Phelps and Cale Dodds before the pandemic. It’s a simple, straight-forward tune that keeps its title’s promise.

“We actually wrote this song before the pandemic, which is crazy because it’s almost like God was intervening in the song just to say, ‘Hey y’all, get ready. You’re gonna have a lot of time to sit around a fire, drink some beer and hang out with me,’” Rice said.

Rice also released an acoustic version of the song recently as well.