Chase Rice Tweets Hilarious Election Photo of Him and His ‘Baby,’ Jack Daniels

by Quentin Blount

Chase Rice took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to post a hilarious post-Election Day photo for all of his fans and followers.

The country music singer sent out a tweet on Wednesday evening showing fans how he was spending the day awaiting the results of the election. Evidently, he’s not too stressed at all about the situation. Rice posted a photo of himself passed out on an airplane with his “baby” in his arms. That baby was a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey.

“When the election drags on for three days but you’re happy and you can sleep peacefully because you know your babies in your arms and you’ll be fine either way,” Rice wrote on Twitter. “Stick that in your country song.”

Twitter Reacts to Chase Rice Photo

Chase Rice fans on Twitter quickly responded to the image of the country music star, former Tar Heel football player, and member of Survivor.

One of his fans says she will be doing the same thing come Friday night.

“Absolutely love this pic. I will have my baby in my arms Friday night. Can’t wait to have some Jack Daniel’s and hang out with some friends,” she says.

Another user on Twitter said that Rice and his “baby” look peacefully at rest.

“Awww your baby looks so peaceful at rest!!! So does the parent… kissing that baby put you out because he taste so good.” she wrote.

However, not all of his fans found humor in his post. One, in particular, says photos like the one Rice posted are what gives country music singers a “bad rep.”

The user writes: “this is soooo ugly and self centered and part of why country music gets a bad rep. imagine being part of the problem and boasting about it.”