Chris Stapleton Performed Incredible ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ Cover Days After Glen Campbell Passed

by Katie Maloney

Country music star Chris Stapleton honors Glen Campbell by playing one of his signature hit songs.

When country musician and television host, Glen Campbell passed away in 2017, there was an outpouring of love from fans and fellow musicians. Country great Chris Stapleton was one of those fans. During a concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Chris took a break from his hit songs to pause and honor Campbell.

Chris said, “We lost a country music legend a couple days ago. I’m gonna try to do a Glen Campbell song tonight, not because I’m gonna do a great job with it, but because I want to pay my respects to Mr. Campbell. Please forgive me if I don’t do Glen Campbell justice. I’m sending this out tonight to Glen, wherever you’re at tonight, Mr. Campbell.”

Stapleton then started playing an acoustic version of Campbell’s classic hit, “Rhinestone Cowboy.” When Chris hit the chorus, enthusiastic fans joined along in singing. Together they sang, “Like a rhinestone cowboy. Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo. Like a rhinestone cowboy. Getting cards and letters from people I don’t even know. And offers comin’ over the phone.”

Chris Stapleton covers Glen Campbell’s “Rhinestone Cowboy.”

Chris Stapleton’s Latest Album Starting Over Took Years To Complete

Stapleton released his latest album, Starting Over, last year. And with nothing but the album title and Chris Stapleton’s name written on a completely blank album cover,  the album really does represent what it’s like to start over. Apparently, when it came to recording the album, there was a lot of starting over.

Chris and his band started recording Starting Over in 2018. However, during an interview, Chris shared that the group faced too many issues to continue recording the album.

“All these weird things were going down,” said Chris. “The power shut down in all of Muscle Shoals while we were trying to record. There were all these weird stops. I’m a big ‘listen to the signs of the universe’ guy. We were in this what felt uncomfortable, to me, zone of tryin’ to make a record.”

Chris decided to pause on the album and focus on touring.

“I said let’s tour another year and we’ll evaluate this (next winter)…And that’s what we did,” said Chris.

Like a true country musician, the obstacles didn’t deter Chris. During an interview, he shared how having to start over made room for better things.

“There’s hope in having to start over. Within that idea, there’s the promise of making something a little better,” said Chris.

Luckily, all that starting over paid off. The album spent 14 weeks on the Top Country Albums chart and peaked in the number one spot. Starting Over includes hit songs, “Devil Always Made Me Think Twice,” and the title track, “Starting Over.”