Chris Young Opens Up About ‘Amazing’ Opportunity Performing for Vets & Military Members

by Chase Thomas

Country music star Chris Young had the opportunity to perform in front of a room filled with veterans and military members. He jumped at the opportunity. The opportunity came because of Crown Royal’s Generosity Hour event they held. Young described the event and opportunity as “amazing.”

He continued, “That’s why Crown Royal decided to title it ‘Generosity Hour,’ and this is going to be a really special event. To be able to partner with the NFL Salute to Service and their Bob Woodruff Foundation is a great thing. I’m very happy that I got picked to be the artist that gets to do this, so it’s going to be an amazing night.”

Chris Young was humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to perform. It featured Tennesseean veterans and active duty service members on the eve of the CMAs.

Before the performance, Young answered some questions about why he elected to participate. Was he nervous? That sort of thing.

Well, it turns out this kind of performance hit close to home for the country music star. Young said, “I’ve got a lot of military in my family, friends of mine, and I’ve been lucky enough to go overseas multiple times to perform for the military in Iraq, Germany, South Korea, Japan, all over the world, and obviously right here in the USA. Veterans are just so important, and they deserve to be put on a pedestal for all of us to be able to tell them ‘Thank You.’ This is a very cool way that Crown Royal has come up with to be able to do that.

What a cool message. Also, how awesome is it to hear how much it meant to Chris Young to perform for such a special event. He saw the opportunity as just a way to give back. By growing up in a military family it meant especially more. This was because he knows the sacrifice and importance involved in it.

Chris Young’s New Album

How is Young doing since his latest album came out? With live shows in front of fans becoming a part of shows once again, was Young a bit rusty? Chris Young said, “It was kind of a little different, obviously. I had not been able to go out and play shows for quite a while, and this song had run up the charts before I actually got to play it in front of a live audience for the first time. It was already a hit which is so strange because normally, I see the evolution from the beginning of a song. The very first time I stepped on a stage to perform that song, the whole crowd was singing it at the top of their lungs, and it was just an amazing feeling.”

Young seems to be doing OK. With his new album out, things are looking good. Either way, what a good job by Young. The performance was a hit and it was for a great cause.