Chris Young Shows Off Hilarious 2020-Inspired Christmas Ornament

by Kayla Zadel

Chris Young is keeping up with the times and the season. He’s sharing a very timely Christmas ornament on Instagram.

“Bahahahaha #2020 #merrychristmas,” the caption reads.

The picture is of an traditional-globe ornament. The sphere is clear and inside are miniature rolls of toilet paper. Red writing on the outside reads, “In case of emergency break glass.”

We’re a little jealous that we don’t have this very-2020 ornament hanging from our Christmas tree. Not because we need TP, but because it’s pretty darn clever and for sure to make you chuckle a little.

Chris Young Is on a Roll This Christmas

The Tennessee native has been sharing Christmas-inspired posts all season long.

According to, Young loves Christmas and he told Southern Living that his favorite Christmas memory from childhood is “Probably just being able to spend Christmas time with my family and driving around looking at lights.”

“That’s a memory from a couple different years,” he shared. “I’d be in the car with my mom, my dad, and my sister, and we’d drive around playing Christmas music, and looking for lights on people’s houses. It’s one of those memories that totally takes me into that Christmas spirit, 100 percent.”

It looks like Young is carrying on with the Christmas-lights tradition and he took his family to see the outdoor light display.

“Got to go see the lights at the Fairgrounds in Nashville with my family last night!! #merrychristmas #happyholidays,” the caption reads.

Just the other day, the “Famous Friends” singer dressed up in an ugly Christmas sweater. “If you know… you know @krisrochester#merrychristmas,” Young writes as he wears a “Die Hard” sweater.

The bright red sweater reads “Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party 1988.” It has an image of the building with festive snowflakes scattered all over.