Chris Young Surprises Dad With New Truck: ‘Decided He Needed a New One’

by Samantha Whidden

On Monday (December 27th), country music superstar Chris Young took to his Instagram page to share a special video of him gifting his father a brand new truck. 

In the post, which features Michael Bublé’s rendition of It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, Chris Young stated, “My dad has been driving the same truck for well over a decade. I decided he needed a new one this year. I love you dad!”

Followers of Chris Young gushed about the country singer’s amazing gift. “Wow, how heartwarming!” One follower declared. Another one added, “You’re a good son. God Bless you! He looked shocked!”

The sweet gift-giving video comes just three weeks after Chris Young performed his last show of 2021. The singer took to his Instagram and shared a snapshot of him with fans attending the show in the background. “Last band show of the year with thousands of friends!!! Thank you, Connecticut!!!” 

Chris Young Opens Up About ‘Famous Friends’ Popularity

During an August 2021 interview with Billboard, Chris Young opened up about the growth he experienced with his Famous Friends single and how he witnessed fans singing along in concert for the first time to a song that was already a hit. 

“It’s so weird,” Chris Young declared. “Because that’s not how it works in country. You don’t go from nothing to everything. It’s not like it’s a hit when you’re touring it and you see crowds hearing it for the first time. So, to be able to go from zero to 100 with Famous Friends was just wild.”

Despite having to stay home due to the health crisis in 2020, Chris Young stated he was able to create more music material. “I kind of look at it as the one blessing in disguise from 2020. Being able to take the time and write more songs and continue to curate the record that it came out this way. With the amount of time I had to do this album, everything has its own lane.”

Billboard also revealed that Chris Young’s Famous Friends album, which was released on August 6h, already hit No. 1 on the iTunes all-genre albums chart. The singer also revealed that he does not want to do any more Zoom writing sessions. “I don’t think there’s anything that ended up on this record that was a Zoom write. But I’ve had some stuff that was a Zoom write that was on hold for other artists.”

Chris Young notably co-wrote 13 of the 14 songs on his Famous Friends album. He states that he also wrote 80 to 90 songs during the 2020 shutdown.