Chris Young Teases Look at Socially-Distanced Outdoor Concert

by Madison Miller

Despite COVID-19, many artists have been innovative about still providing their fans with music. From online concerts to Zoom call meetups to socially-distanced concerts. Country music artist Chris Young excitedly shared a picture of him getting ready for a concert tonight in Georgia.

Young is Concert Ready

Young seems beyond eager to get back on stage.

In the picture there are numbered “pods” where people must stand. It is similar to seated concerts in that people have seat numbers. Concert-goers must stay in their pod in order to maintain social-distancing.

Young’s newest single, “If That Ain’t God,” which came out earlier this year, will most definitely be featured at the small concert.

The song serves as a reminder to stop and enjoy the small beauties in the world.

“But it’s just an incredible song: It’s really uplifting and positive and powerful, and it’s one of those things that I think people need to hear right now, and that we need more, ’cause there is — it’s been a crazy, crazy year … and a lot of people are not necessarily getting that uplifting, positive moment, and to be able to give something like that out of music, I think it’s cool,” Young told The Boot.

Concerts in 2020

While the concert will have social distancing, masks are the most efficient way of decreasing exposure to COVID-19, according to the CDC. Georgia does not currently have a mask mandate in place.

Arriving and leaving larger events could lead to people being in closer contact for longer periods of time before being able to social-distance.

Music is often a source of relief and relaxation for people. During the chaos of 2020, music is still as essential as ever.

For those wanting to keep track of upcoming concerts from their favorite artists, or new artist, Billboard has an updated list of upcoming concerts.

Artists from Metallica to Gorillaz to Miley Cyrus to Halsey to Animal Collective are all creating events for people to be able to experience the joy of live music from their living room.