Clay Walker Recalls Questioning His Career: ‘I Surrender’

by Clayton Edwards

Clay Walker was a country music titan in the nineties. Walker exploded onto the scene in 1993 with his debut single “What’s It to You,” which went to the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs (then Hot Country Singles and Tracks) chart. His next single, “Live Until I Die,” did the same. Walker’s success continued. In fact, his first four albums are certified Platinum. Over the course of his nearly three decades in the industry, he has landed six songs at the top of the charts.

Recently, Clay Walker released his latest album, Texas to Tennessee. Country fans are loving it. However, before he made that album, Walker was having some serious doubts about his career. He told People all about that in a recent interview.

Whether you like the direction it is going in or not, there’s no denying that country music has changed since the nineties. That change left Clay Walker feeling like he was out of touch with the current industry.

Clay Walker told People That he finally broke down and told God, “You know, I’ve always envisioned that I was going to have an enormous career and all that, but this is in your hands, and I surrender.” Basically, he told the Man Upstairs that He had Walker’s path in His hands. If the Good Lord wanted Walker to continue his career, he would do so happily. However, if He had another path for the country star, that would be fine too. Walker just wanted to know where to plant his feet.  

Following his faith paid off for Clay Walker. He told the publication that he enjoyed the process of making Texas to Tennessee more than any other album. His latest record launched a resurgence in Walker’s popularity.

This Isn’t the First Time Clay Walker Surrendered to God

Clay Walker opened up to Marty Smith about putting his life and career in God’s hands on an episode of The Marty Smith Podcast (formerly, The Road You Leave Behind).

Just a few years after he hit it big in country music, Walker almost lost it all. He started feeling weak, he couldn’t walk correctly, his vision was blurry, and he couldn’t touch his fingers together. Clay Walker told Marty Smith that he thought he had a tumor. However, it was much worse. He had Multiple Sclerosis. In fact, he had an advanced case of the disease. Walker’s brainstem and spinal cord were covered in lesions. His doctors said that he would be dead in a manner of years.

So, Clay Walker went into the room where he wrote songs and laid on the floor face-down, crying and praying to God. He told the Man Upstairs, “I know and feel in my heart that you put me here for something else. Please, just show me what I’m missing. I want to do it. If you want to take me, that’s okay, too.” Shortly thereafter, the disease went into remission with a speed that his doctors had never seen before. Walker told Smith that it was nothing short of a miracle.