Clay Walker’s Cowboy Hat Holds a Unique Meaning to Him

by Joe Rutland

Country music star Clay Walker and his cowboy hat are inseparable. They’ve been together since his career started in 1994.

If you catch Clay Walker singing “Dreaming With My Eyes Open” and see him wearing a cowboy hat, then know that it’s the same one he wears today.

Recently, the Southeast Texas native talked about his relationship with his cowboy hat during an interview with The Boot.

“I have my traditional black hat that I’ve always worn, and I have the same hat that I wore at my first concert,” Walker said. “I’ve, uh, never changed hats.”

Clay Walker and His Hat Were Apart for a Period of Time

Apparently, the country music star who was born in Vidor, Texas, sees no need to have a collection of cowboy hats.

But there was one time where he and his hat went through a short separation. It wasn’t pretty as Clay Walker can attest to it.

“Funny story is, I fell asleep on a plane and left my hat, and it was missing for three months,” Walker said. “I was sick about it.”

Thankfully, though, there is a happy closure to this story.

Country Singer Gets Ready to Release ‘Texas to Tennessee’ Album

“It got found at some warehouse and sent back to me,” Clay Walker said. “I don’t know how — just an act of God. That was a heartbreaker. When I got it back, I felt like I’d found a child that had been lost.”

“It got found at some warehouse and sent back to me,” Walker fondly remembers. “I don’t know how — just an act of God.

“That was a heartbreaker,” he adds. “When I got it back, I felt like I’d found a child that had been lost.”

For Clay Walker fans, he’s going to be releasing his next album, “Texas to Tennessee,” on July 30. They also know Walker has been battling multiple sclerosis since being diagnosed with it in 1996.

Multiple Sclerosis Didn’t Have Last Word on Star’s Life, Career

Walker sat down and talked about his health journey during an interview with Outsider’s The Marty Smith Podcast.

Walker told Smith that his initial prognosis stunned him. The country music singer was told he had so many lesions on his brain and spinal cord that doctors told him he’d likely be in a wheelchair in a couple of years. They expected Walker to die soon after that happened.

“Taking that, and swallowing that at 26 years old … my career was absolutely exploding,” Walker said. “I mean it had just started … I was devastated, I was completely devastated.” But Clay Walker is still around as his disease went into remission.