Clint Black Discusses Writing ‘Til The End Of Time’ While Filming ‘The Masked Singer’ with Wife Lisa Hartman Black

by Quentin Blount

Country music singer Clint Black recently made an appearance on The Bobby Bones Show to discuss the story behind writing “Til the End of Time.”

We recently learned that the country star wrote the song during his and his wife’s stint as snow owls on Fox’s The Masked Singer.

Bones tries his best to get the inside scoop behind how the hit song from Black came to be. He asks Black if he wrote the song while in Los Angeles filming The Masked Singer or if he wrote it at home between the taping of episodes.

“We were all talking — management and everybody — somebody said we should record ‘The Prayer,” Black explains. “And we were thinking, ‘yeah, we could record one of the songs we did.’ And then I thought maybe I could write something new.”

Meanwhile, Black did write something new. Even if it took a few days and a little frustration before things finally came together.

“And I beat my head against the wall for days until I finally came up with the opening line which is, ‘I can tell you how the story never ends,'” Black recalls. “That’s when it all started clicking and it just came together quickly.”

You can watch the entire interview between Bobby Bones, Clint Black and his wife Lisa Hartman below:

Clint Black and Wife Lisa Talk About Joining The Masked Singer

During their interview on The Bobby Bones Show, Clint Black and his wife Lisa also went into detail about how they first got invited onto The Masked Singer.

“Did someone approach you two to do The Masked Singer?” Bones asks. “Who gave you the call and what was the pitch to you guys?”

Hartman took this question, saying that she and her husband were in the kitchen when they got an email. She and Clint had the initial reaction to laugh at the idea of being on the show.

“We were in the kitchen actually, and Clint has this little station for his computer. And in email came in and we started laughing,” Hartman explains. “It went from laughter to, ‘hmm, maybe we’re going to do this.’ We love the show.”

“And then we started really laughing,” Black adds in.

Black and Hartman put on a heck of a performance as the snow owls.

Clint Black celebrated a birthday yesterday, turning fifty-nine years old. To celebrate his great career, we took a look back at some of the biggest moments in one of our recent articles.