Clint Black, Wife Lisa Hartman Reflect on Shared ‘The Masked Singer’ Experience

by Chris Haney

Country star Clint Black and his wife Lisa Hartman are reflecting on their experience on “The Masked Singer” after being unmasked on the competitive singing show.

In a first for the show, the country music couple appeared on the program singing together. Now, they’re speaking out about their experience and how the appearance inspired them to create a new love song titled “‘Til the End of Time.”

Black and his wife ended their time on the show when they revealed the Snow Owls’ true identity on Wednesday night. The couple both agreed that leaving the show ended up being bittersweet. However, they also admitted that the show took much more work and preparation than they expected going into it. Hartman seemed especially worried about not being able to see and possibly falling off the stage because of the show’s huge, intricate costumes.

“You go, ‘Mask? I get that it’s gonna be tricky,'” Hartman explains. “You do your fitting and then all of a sudden you’re in an egg and you’re navigating around a stage and you can’t see and you just don’t want to fall off the stage.”

The couple said they wanted to win the singing competition. But, said it’s nice to not have to lie about their “big secret” anymore.

“It’s really mixed,” Hartman told PEOPLE. “You want to go the whole way, but it seems like it’s been a long time we’ve had this big secret, so it’s nice to talk about it.”

Black and Hartman’s New Duet ”Til the End of Time’

After their time on “The Masked Singer” came to an end, the couple wanted to explore singing together again. In 1991, they famously sang “When I Said I Do” together, which topped the country charts at No. 1.

The song released the same year they tied the knot, almost 30 years ago. Following the show, they decided to have another go at a love song duet. They considered doing a cover of the last song they sang on “The Masked Singer” on Wednesday night. They performed Andrea Bocelli and Céline Dion’s “The Prayer.” Yet, Black thought twice about it and decided to write a new duet for the couple instead.

“After we finished the show, we thought about recording that song,” Black said. “And that’s when I said, ‘What if I just write us a new duet?’ We really wanted to record something again, have something new to perform together like we did on ‘The Masked Singer.'”

“‘Til the End of Time” did not write itself immediately. In fact, Black talks about struggling with the song during its early stages.

“I beat my head on the wall for about three days getting nowhere, musically or lyrically. Then I thought of the opening line, I can tell you how the story never ends.’ I thought, ‘OK that’s us. Till the end of time,'” said Black of the duet.

In addition, Black and Hartman will be playing live on Dec. 2 at the iconic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville in just a few weeks. The couple will be debuting “‘Til the End of Time” live for the first time during their performance. Also, the new song will be released as a single the following day.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only 25% of the seats will be sold. Additionally, fans can also buy virtual tickets to watch at home. Tickets are available at Clint Black’s website for both in-person and online viewing of the couple’s Ryman performance.