CMA Awards 2020: Darius Rucker Reveals He’s ‘Very Nervous’ to Host With Reba McEntire

by Matthew Wilson

Darius Rucker is nervous about co-hosting with Reba McEntire the 2020 CMA Awards. With less than a week to go, this will be the first year Rucker hosted the awards ceremony.

Speaking on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Rucker discussed the pre-show jitters and how excited he was when he learned he’d be a host.

“I was very nervous, ’cause I’ve never done anything like that before,” Rucker said. “And it’s funny because my manager called me and said, you know, ‘Are you sitting down?’ And so my first thought was, ‘Oh, goodness.'”

The ceremony had been delayed for four months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the CMA Awards will be held on Nov. 11. Rucker discussed how they implemented protocols to keep everyone safe.

“Yeah, we’re really proud — and I’m really excited and just blown away — about the social distancing and how careful everyone has been,” Rucker said explains. “But all the performers will be there; the nominees will be there. Everybody will be social-distanced and spread out. It’ll be the first time, really, that the country music family’s been in one room all year.”

Darius Rucker Will Perform at the CMA Awards

Rucker also plans to perform at the ceremony. He’s planning something special with McEntire that he won’t reveal. He will also be performing one of his own songs with Lady A.

“We’ve got something that we’re really excited about — and, no, I can’t tell you [what it is]. And I’m also gonna do a thing with Lady A, we’re gonna do ‘Beers and Sunshine,'” he said.

McEntire, who’s returning for the fifth time, and Rucker also have a competition going to see who can change outfits the most during the event. McEntire said they plan to keep the ceremony light and upbeat.

“We’re trying to keep it upbeat and light. We as a country, we as a nation, we as a world, we need entertainment,” McEntire told Fox News. “I think people sitting at home in front of their TV screens or their computers, I think they want to see what we can deliver.”

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