CMA Awards 2020: Luke Combs Speaks out on What Winning Entertainer of the Year Would Mean

by Matthew Wilson

Winning Entertainer of the Year would mean everything for Luke Combs. This is the first year the CMA has nominated the country artist for the award. If he wins, audiences should expect tears.

“Probably. I mean, I don’t know what kind of shot we have of winning or not,” Combs told Taste of Country. He said if he wins he would thank his wife, parents, and team. “It’s just cool to be nominated for the first time. And nominated against some people that I really look up to and consider a heck of a lot more talented than I am.”

Luke Combs is Up Against Several Musicians for the Award

Combs is going up against some talented competition for the award. The CMA has also nominated Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, and Keith Urban for the coveted prize. Previously, Garth Brooks was also in the category, but he withdrew his name from consideration.

After winning the award seven times and controversially beating Underwood last year, Brooks said he’s retiring his Entertainer of the Year hat for good. He permanently withdrew himself from future consideration for the award. He said, “It’s time for somebody else to hold the award and know what Entertainer of the Year feels like.”

While Combs respects Brooks’ decision, he also wanted to see if he could beat Brooks in the competition. He said there may be an asterisk beside the victory if he won otherwise.

“I understand [Garth’s] move for sure,” Combs told the Country Daily. “But then I also think to myself, when you’re in that conversation [for Entertainer of the Year], I have this competitive nature, I don’t just want to be the best, I want to beat the best, too. So I don’t want to sit at home and go, ‘Well, maybe it was me, but maybe it was somebody else.’”

The Singer Has Been Nominated for Several Awards

Besides Entertainer of the Year, Combs is up for awards in several categories. His song “Even Though I’m Leaving” has been nominated for Song of the Year. For the tune, Combs said he channeled the relationship his mother had with her father into his vocal performance.

Combs also plans to perform at the awards ceremony. He will sing his song “Cold as You.”