CMA Awards Throwback: Dolly Parton Once Made Young Randy Travis Blush

by Courtney Blackann

Once upon a time Randy Travis was a newbie in country music. Like most budding stars, he was humbled to be attending the CMA’s. That is, until Dolly Parton sat in his lap and quite nearly gave him a heart attack.

The budding musician still handled himself well. As did the entire audience who laughed along with Parton as she good-heartedly teased the musician.

“Folks, you know that this guy is single. And I just want you to know that if I was 20 years younger and I was single, and you liked little blondes with the big hair and big… ideas, then I would be giving you a run for your money!”

Parton is quite literally a legend. So we can only imagine how this moment must have felt to the star. Though he would go on to become an icon himself, in that moment, we’re sure his cheeks were burning red.

Dolly Parton’s Legendary Career

While Dolly Parton is known for her storied place in country history, she’s also appeared in a number of films and television spots.

Who can forget the light-hearted, loving hairdresser in “Steel Magnolias” from Georgia? Parton’s light has shown through her work and personal life.

Most recently, the singer is teaming up with her old pals Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin to guest star on “Grace and Frankie.” The trio starred in the epic film “9 to 5” which has claimed the hearts of millions and stands the test of time as one of the funnest, girl-power movies of all time.

On speaking about joining the series during its final season, Parton said it’s something she’s always wanted to do.

“I have been trying to do ‘Grace and Frankie’ for years,” Dolly Parton says during an interview with Lorraine Kelly. “We worked so well on ‘9 to 5’ and it’s a crazy wonderful show.”

She went on to say:

“We have been trying to write me in somehow, so when it is safe to actually do a production, I will probably get around to doing that,” Parton says.

Of the show, producers said the moment will be bittersweet as it stands as the longest-running Netflix original.

Fonda and Tomlin echoed that sentiment.

“We are both delighted and heartbroken that ‘Grace and Frankie’ will be back for its seventh, though final, season,” Fonda and Tomlin said in a joint statement, via TV Line. “We’re so grateful that our show has been able to deal with issues that have really connected to our grand generation. And their kids, and amazingly their kids as well. We’ll miss these two old gals, Grace and Frankie, as much as many of their fans will, but we’ll still be around. We’ve outlasted so many things — just hope we don’t outlast the planet.”