Cody Jinks Releases Metal Album With His Band Caned by Nod

by Jonathan Howard

Today is a big day for Cody Jinks fans. Not only did he release a country album today, his metal band Caned By Nod dropped an album too. With distortion, power, and a little anger, the album, None the Wiser is the first from the band.

Jinks can take his sound across genres, change it a bit, and make it fit. His metal songs are for sure different from his country tracks. However, when you hear it, the sound is distinctively Cody Jinks. His voice has that grit to it, but of course, his vocals are so clean at the same time. With a lot of great guitar riffs and hard bass lines that shake your ears a little, this is a solid album.

If you are a fan of good ole rock n’ roll, Caned By Nod fits that. It doesn’t get out of control heavy, the vocals are sung not screamed, and if you like his other stuff you will like this as well. Seeing Ghosts, one of the tracks released early, has that strong bass line that carries the song. It is a bit of nu-metal sound without the drum machines and his vocals are almost like a toned-down Rob Zombie. Again, not many complaints here. This is an album I could listen to multiple times and one I’d put on a workout playlist.

If you listen to the album and metal isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Cody Jinks has thought this through. That’s why he also dropped his latest country album on the same day. Something for everyone and two for one if you end up liking both, how about that? The range he has as an artist is impressive. That is on full display with these two albums.

Cody Jinks Drops Country Music Album, ‘Mercy’

So the new country music album is called Mercy. Right off the top, the first track gets things going. All It Cost Me Was Everything is a track that came out before the album. Fans have already taken to it and played it plenty of times on Spotify and elsewhere. With a boom-bop going on with the drums and some nice southern steel guitar, it’s a good track.

However, folks who have paid attention to Jinks already know that. They’ve listened to the track already, so how does the rest of the album stack up? Well, that’s something that listeners will have to decide for themselves. It has those elements folks expect from the singer, but it’s a very reflective album. The storytelling is there, the traditional country sound is too, along with new takes and twists.

Cody Jinks is a talented fella, that’s for sure. Dropping two albums this different on the same day shows the creativity he has. Both are solid albums that stand strong in their respective genres. Check both of those albums out as soon as possible.