Cody Jinks Spent the Weekend Bagging Ducks and Sandhill Cranes

by Jonathan Howard

This year was a busy one for Cody Jinks and now it looks like he is going to take the end of the year to relax and nab a few birds.

When he isn’t recording a country music album or even his own metal album, Jinks likes to spend time hunting. His latest venture included a trip with Southern Wing Shooters. It looks like everyone had a great time and it allowed Jinks to get out and get some shots up and even knock down some kills. Check out the Instagram post below.

“Such an awesome weekend with Southern Wing Shooters,” Cody Jinks said in the caption. “They put us on some sand hill cranes (something I’ve wanted to hunt for a year) & some ducks! Great weekend with the boys.” He tagged all his friends that made the trip with him.

It looks like a successful weekend of hunting with a number of birds in Jinks’ hands. The Fort Worth native knows how to have a good time. That means getting camo, grabbing a rifle, and bringing home some great kills. I think I have a feeling about what will be served at the Jinks family Christmas dinner table. Duck makes for a great holiday meal.

Cody Jinks has one of the most recognizable voices in country music and is super talented. There aren’t many folks that can do country and metal as good as he does both. His metal band Caned By Nod has just released their new album earlier this year. He had a double release of his own country album on the same day.

Cody Jinks Releases Two Albums In Two Genres

While a lot of folks might not listen to both his metal album and country album, he gave fans both on the same day anyway. November 12 was a big day for Cody Jinks fans. Over 20 years ago, Jinks was in a rock band based out of Fort Worth. While things didn’t work out with that project, it is clear that the singer-songwriter has been doing alright.

With the success of his country music career, Jinks has time to revisit the first genre he played. Caned By Nod has southern rock influence and it sounds like Jinks. However, it is distinctively different from his country music. He gets more creative with the electric guitar, you can hear the influences of 1980s and 90s thrash metal, and it comes out as a solid project.

If you have just been listening to the country music that Cody Jinks puts out, then you are missing out. His creativity and talent know no bounds and that is clear in the album he put out.