Cole Swindell Dedicates ‘You Should Be Here’ Performance to His Mom Who Passed Earlier This Month

by Taylor Cunningham

Cole Swindell is mourning the death of his mother, Betty Carol Rainey, who passed on Monday evening. Swindell is on tour with Thomas Rhett. And instead of taking some time off after the funeral last Wednesday, he decided to carry on with his tour dates—because that’s what his mom would have wanted him to do. While he was on stage for the first time since saying “goodbye,” he sang Rainey his single You Should Be Here.

On Saturday, Cole Swindell played at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA. It was only three days after his mother’s funeral. But the Aint Worth The Whiskey singer decided to continue with his concerts. However, he didn’t walk off the stage until he played a touching tribute to his mother. And a fan caught the moment on camera. 

Thomas Rhett told Swindell that he could have the weekend off and use Rhett’s beach house. But Swindell said he didn’t want to walk away from his fans who’ve had his back “since day one.” And, his mother wouldn’t have wanted him to be alone.

“My momma,” he said to the crowd. “She wouldn’t want me sitting at home. She would want me on stage in front of a crowd like this. People who care.”

And with that, he has asked his fans to think of loved ones they’ve lost and light up their phone for “someone who has a better seat than us.” Nearly everyone in the crowd raised their phones to tribute someone they miss.

“Wow, looks like heaven,” Swindell said. As he looked out from the stage, nearly everyone had raised their phone for a loved one. And as Cole started to sing his heartbreaking ballad, the crowd joined. Swindell wrote the piece for his father, who he lost unexpectedly in 2013. 

Country Artist Cole Swindell Announces the Death of His Mother

Cole Swindell announced in an Instagram story that his mother had died on September 13th. Unfortunately, Swindell is not a stranger to loss. The tragic passing of Carol Rainey came only either years after the 38-year-old country artist lost his father.

In the Instagram story, Swindell posted a picture from his plane as he flew over Georgia. “Took this on the flight home to Georgia this afternoon,” he wrote. “I know she’s up there. Gonna miss her so much. Love Y’all”

Swindell had a close relationship with his mother. And he praised her for making him into the man and star he is today.

In a 2019 interview with Pop Culture, Swindell spoke about the bond he had with Rainey and said that her unending support always kept him moving forward.

“She’s the one that keeps me humble,” he said. “She’s the one that, no matter how stressed out I get, if I wanna be here or wanna be there, she is always the first person to remind me, ‘Come on, Cole. Think about it. Me and you would have never thought you’d be where you are right now.’ I always say that, but I mean it because it takes someone like her to put it all in perspective.”