Cole Swindell Opens Up About His Songwriting Process

by Thad Mitchell

Country music singer and songwriter Cole Swindell continues climbing the music industry’s ranks with growing popularity.

Swindell has released three successful studio albums that has earned him an ever expanding fanbase. He has released nine singles, seven of which have charted within the Top five of Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay.

Much of Swindell’s success has come as a songwriter and he has written songs for some of country music’s top talents. Craig Campbell, Thomas Rhett, Luke Bryan and Scott McCleery are few of the big names to sing songs he wrote.

Cole Swindell Dishes on the Music Writing Industry

In an interview with American Songwriter, Swindell talks about where he gets inspiration to write his music. He also offers up some very helpful tips to aspiring songwriters. Knowing the in’s and the out’s of the songwriting business, Swindell says he enjoys sharing his insight with young writers.

“The people I looked up to told me to write, write, write,” he says. “The more you write, the better you get. That was my approach to it. But also, you wanted to write the best song. You always are thinking that. For me it was just getting the experience. Looking back, there are probably some ideas that I wish I would have saved till where I know now how to write them. Back then I don’t know that I fully got the point across. It’s definitely not easy.”

Swindell says the life of a career songwriter isn’t always the easiest but it is very rewarding.

“There are so many things that people don’t see, the way we go about recording songs, putting songs on hold, stuff that we didn’t write,” he says. “Me being a songwriter first, I respect what they do. I know we couldn’t do without them. I love writing the ones I can, but even more amazing to me sometimes is when somebody writes something that makes you say, ‘God, I wish I would have written that.'”