Colter Wall Is Out There Living Every Cowboy’s Dream: PHOTOS

by Clayton Edwards

Recently, Colter Wall chose to cancel his fall tour dates. However, he isn’t just taking time off to relax. Instead, he’s on horseback working cattle. Those who know Wall’s music know that he sings several cowboy songs. Some of those are originals and some are covers. However, they aren’t just neat songs that he decided to cut. They’re a reflection of how he lives his life. When he’s not recording or touring, Colter is living the cowboy lifestyle.

Raising cattle is hard work and days off are few and far between. However, those who are called to the cowboy lifestyle wouldn’t trade it for the world. It looks like Colter Wall is one of those people. Yesterday, he shared some photos of how he was spending his Saturday afternoon. He and a few other cowboys were on horseback driving a sizeable herd of cattle. Check out the photos below.

In the caption of the post, Colter Wall notes that they are in “Montana/Saskatchewan border country,” with the cattle. The photos, though, tell their own story. In the first picture, we can see the back of Wall’s horse’s head and a line of cattle. The second photo is a gorgeous shot of the horizon. They call Montana “Big Sky Country,” for a reason. It looks like you can see to the end of the earth out there. The third picture in the series gives you a good idea of how many cattle their working with. It also shows that they have a handful of calves in the mix. Finally, the last picture shows the herd on the move.

Colter Wall: Living the Cowboy Life

Colter Wall’s view is spectacular. For those who live the life, this is what it’s all about – cattle, horses, and the open prairie.

If you’ve ever wondered just how Wall feels about the cowboy life, spin his record Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs. The album is full of cowboy songs and tunes about life on the plains in general. However, one song is more telling than the rest. “Houlihans at the Holiday Inn,” is Colter Wall’s way of discussing how he balances being a cowboy and touring musician. In the song, he laments not being out there working the cattle on horseback. Wall is a great musician and enjoys touring, but the saddle is always calling.

The second verse of the song brings things into sharper focus. Colter Wall sings, “Highwayside grazing herd of cattle. / The folks ’round here pulled in a decent yield. / A view best taken in from the saddle / I’m staring through this dirty, cracked windshield.

It’s clear that these photos show more than just great views. They’re snapshots of Colter Wall doing what he loves.