Country Star Zac Brown Opens Up About Mission to ‘Serve the Veteran Community’

by Matthew Wilson

Zac Brown, of the Zac Brown Band, opens up about his initiative to help military veterans and their families transition back into civilian life. The country singer said one of his missions is to “serve the veteran community.”

One way Brown is accomplishing that is through Camp Southern Ground. Brown founded the non-profit to help both veterans and their families. He discussed the organization with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in a Facebook Live session.

Brown said he wants to leave a lasting legacy with the organization and hopes that it will be around a century from now. The singer also wanted to be a role model for his children.

Zac Brown Honors Military Veterans

During his discussion, Brown discussed how it takes a special kind of person to join the military. The country singer honored their bravery and sacrifice.

“It takes a special kind of person to be a service member. As we’ve seen with all of our first responders and all the people that have relentlessly served us, our veterans have been doing this for us the entire time,” Brown said. “No matter the circumstances. The least we can do is try to help these veterans easily transition from service life to civilian life. And help them find opportunities. My greatest gift I have is being able to bring people together and serve the veteran community. I think it’s super important to tell our members how much we appreciate them and their work.”

Brown compared first responders with service members and how they put their lives on the line for the country. He felt compelled to help these veterans the best he could.

“As we’ve seen with first responders serving relentlessly and walking into the fire, veterans have been doing that the entire time. They do what they are told no matter what. It takes a special person to be a service member. You have to have a servant’s heart and a lot of these people are dynamic. The least we can do is help them transition when they come out,” he explains.