Country Rewind: Watch Reba McEntire & LeAnn Rimes Belt Duet Together in 2004 Dr. Pepper Commercial

by Emily Morgan

Some of country music’s biggest stars are no stranger to starring in commercials. From Willie Nelson for Pizza Hut to George Strait for Wrangler jeans to Blake Shelton for Ford, country stars have been known to appear in ads for some of our favorite brands. Two of country music’s leading ladies, Reba McEntire and LeAnn Rimes, have also collaborated— not just in music but in a commercial. 

Although McEntire is no stranger to the camera, she once starred in Fritos Texas Grill and The Beef Industry ads back in the ’90s. However, later in 2004, the “Fancy” singer partnered up with another influential voice in the industry to promote one of the world’s most beloved soft drinks: Dr. Pepper.

LeAnn Rimes joined McEntire for this commercial, and as a result, created one of the most memorable ads featuring country music stars. Then, 14-years-later, in 2018, Rimes celebrated the ad’s anniversary by sharing it with her fans on her social media account. 

Hanging in the desert with Reba McEntire,” Rimes wrote in the caption that accompanied the spot. 

Reba Mcentire & LeAnn Rimes Stun in 2004 Ad

If you’re of the younger generation, you may not remember the details. If you haven’t seen it, the commercial finds the two songstresses in the desert. It begins with Rimes behind the wheel of a convertible as she drives down a dusty road. She later stops at an old motel to pick up McEntire, who’s waiting for her with a can of Dr. Pepper. 

Afterward, the two icons drive off, singing simultaneously. They later go to their next destination, which ends up being a gas station. Once there, the two gals pick up more Dr. Pepper to enjoy. 

Before the commercial ends, both the ladies toss a can of Dr. Pepper to the good-looking gas station worker who helped them pump their gas. Like a scene from Thelma and Louise, it ends with them driving off into the sunset. 

Of course, as you might guess, once the commercial aired, it was a huge hit. Country fans were especially delighted when the duo sang “Be You” throughout the spot. 

Although Dr. Pepper intended to be an advertisement, the commercial seemed less like an ad and more like a powerful music video with a full-on country duet. From their voices perfectly harmonizing to their on-screen chemistry, the commercial is one for the ages. 

Although the two have a good bit of fun in the ad, Rimes later honored her good friend Reba McEntire when she gave a tearful rendition of one of McEntire’s most beloved songs.

During a 2006 performance, Rimes took on McEntire’s classic, “The Greatest Man I Never Knew,” leaving the audience and Mcentire flooded with emotion. When she was done with the harrowing performance, Rimes and McEntire shared a heartfelt embrace once she got off the stage.