Country Singer Clare Dunn Reportedly Assaulted by Nashville Lyft Driver

by Katie Maloney

Country Singer Clare Dunn is concerned for all women after being attacked by her Lyft driver two months ago.

Despite there being a warrant out for his arrest, and two months of searching, the Lyft driver who attacked Clare Dunn is still on the loose. A little over two months ago, Clare Dunn left her home in Colorado to visit Nashville while working on her EP In This Kind of Light. While in Music City, Dunn went out with a few friends one night. After a nice night catching up, Dunn and her friend ordered a Lyft. The driver dropped off Dunn’s friend first, then started heading towards Dunn’s place 10 miles away.

However, Dunn said that she knew something was wrong when the driver refused to take Dunn’s suggested route home. According to an incident report, Dunn said she remembers the man being a “6’2″-6’3″ 250 lb. man.” Instead, he pulled onto a secluded highway and pulled over about a mile from her place. He got out of the car, opened Dunn’s door and dragged her out of the car by her collar. She said that he then slammed her onto the ground. She attempted to call 911 while she laid face down in a ditch. But she was unable to as he was assaulting her. She said that she got knocked out at one point and when she came to, she started screaming and he fled.

After the attack, Clare Dunn went to the emergency room for treatment and filed a police report. She was able to identify the driver to a detective. And there’s a warrant out for his arrest. However, the police still haven’t tracked him down.

Clare Dunn Urges All Women To Listen To Their Intuitions

During an interview, Dunn said that one of her greatest concerns is protecting other women this man may try to assault.

“He’s out on the street — is he doing this to someone else? Does he have a wife he’s abusing? Does he have a girlfriend he’s abusing like this? Because he obviously has no regard right now,” said Dunn.

Dunn also advised women to listen to their intuitions. She said that both she and her friend had gut feelings not to let Dunn ride with that driver alone but they both ignored it.

“I had that intuition that something was wrong, and I ignored it,” said Dunn.

She added that her friend had the same feeling.

“The next morning, the friend I was in the car with was telling me, ‘Oh my God, I had this feeling when I got out of that ride,'” said Dunn. “She said, ‘I so wanted to just tell you to get out. I wanted to tell you to get out and we’ll get another ride, or you could just sleep on my couch,’ and we both ignored it.”

Clare Dunn said that she knows that she’s not the only person to ignore her intuition. She said that she knows many women who do so in the name of being polite.

“As women, we sometimes do that but I think when we have those feelings, they are alarm bells. I remember just telling myself that I was overthinking it and I just wanted to go home,” said Dunn. “That’s all I remember thinking about it and just trying to tell myself, it’s fine.”

Lyft said that it’s fired the driver and is helping police with the investigation.