Country Singer Josh Ward Hospitalized After Suffering Serious Injuries in Horse Accident

by Katie Maloney

Even the toughest of cowboys take a few falls. And that’s exactly what happened to country singer Josh Ward.

Ward was practicing his cowboy skills this past weekend when he was involved in a pretty serious horse accident. The accident resulted in surgery to stop internal bleeding. Luckily, the surgery went well and Josh ward is currently recovering. However, the accident has forced Ward to take some time off from his live performances.

In a post to fans, Josh Ward wrote, “Sunday, August 8th, Josh was involved in a horse-riding accident that resulted in serious abdominal injuries and internal bleeding. He underwent surgery to stop the bleeding, the surgery was a success. We are all very thankful for the surgeon and his team at Memorial Hermann who saved his life. Josh will be in the hospital this week and will require a few weeks at home to fully recover.

Unfortunately, there will be some rescheduled dates that will be announced tomorrow. We ask that you keep him in your prayers for a full and speedy recovery. The family advises us that no visitors are allowed at this time. Heather & Jayce thank you for all your prayers & love. #ACowboyCan”

Ward Announces Show Cancellations After Accident

Like a true cowboy, Josh Ward stuck to his word and released concert updates for all of his fans the next day. In a post, he wrote, “Unfortunately the following shows will be canceled/rescheduled due to my accident this past weekend. Thank y’all for all the kind words. For more info regarding these shows, stay tuned on the venues and my social media & website for updates and rescheduled dates. Can’t wait to get back out there on the road soon. -JW”

The Story Behind Josh Ward’s ‘A Cowboy Can’

Josh Ward doesn’t just play a cowboy on stage. He’s a man of the south through and through. In fact, he spent his early days working the rodeo circuits as a bronc rider. This experience certainly gives his song, “A Cowboy Can” an even more authentic touch.

During an interview in 2018, Ward shared what inspired his song.

“This song speaks to anyone who has a cowboy heart,” said Ward. “It can be a truck driver, an oilfield worker, a teacher, a parent — anyone who subscribes to the ‘all grit and no quit’ frame of mind. It’s about a way of life. The song talks about slinging that saddle on and if you get thrown off, you get right back on.”

How absolutely perfect for this time in Josh Ward’s life. Yes, he may have gotten thrown off the saddle but you better bet he’ll get right back on.