Country Star Tyler Farr Jokes About Frustrations of Deer Hunting: ‘Come On Turkey Season’

by Keeli Parkey

Deer hunting has its highs and lows – just ask country star Tyler Farr.

Filmed on his 200-acre property known as Farr Farrms, the singer recently gave fans an inside look into his efforts to locate and kill a 9-point buck. The search became so frustrating that Farr began wishing for the end of deer season.

“I (expletive) hate deer hunting,” he said during a Buck Commander episode available on YouTube. “Come on turkey season.”

According to Farr, he spotted the buck via cameras placed on his property.

“He has taken the pole position on the hit list,” Tyler Farr said. “This is an older deer – mature, dominant buck and he needs to be killed.”

Weeks go by without a single sighting of the deer. So, Farr decides to head outdoors and see what he can find.

“… I’m gonna do what any person in my position is going to do and that’s just keep hunting,” he said. “‘Cause you ain’t going to kill ’em inside.”

Farr waited and waited without much luck. He saw plenty of other deer, but not the one he wanted. However, the singer remained determined to bag the buck.

“… We hunted and hunted and hunted and hunted,” he recalled. “We have not seen this deer … I don’t know, something in the air told us it could happen at any moment.”

Despite wishing for the end of deer season, Tyler Farr’s dedication and determination did pay off. Finally, the 9-point buck reappeared and the singer was ready for the moment. He found the perfect spot, took aim, and got what he had been waiting for since the start of the season.

“Fire in the hole,” he said after the shot. “That’s how you’re supposed to hunt right there, folks. … That was perfect, dude.”

Watch the episode here: