Country Throwback: Alan Jackson Celebrates Old Memories in 2017’s ‘The Older I Get’ Video

by Emily Morgan

2017 was a year full of milestones for the country legend Alan Jackson. Before being inducted into the country music Hall of Fame that year, Jackson released a brand-new song titled The Older I Get.” 

Prior to the release, Jackson hadn’t dropped a new song since 2015. Even though Jackson didn’t write the song, he felt it seamlessly captured how the country star thinks about life. 

 “I really liked it, but the message was a little different when I first heard it,” he said about the song. “I thought maybe it could be a little more positive about being older and wiser and more content, so they rewrote a few things, and this is how it ended up.”

Alan Jackson Reminds Us To Celebrate the Present & Stay Grateful for Past

The song is a celebration as one reminisces on the past while looking forward to the future. Jackson also doesn’t want the listener to regret the mistakes made in the past. For Alan Jackson, the song is a direct expression of his excitement over what his future has in store.

This sentiment is evident as he sings the touching lyrics:

The older I get, the more thankful I feel, for the life I’ve had, and all the life I’m living still.”

Following the release, Jackson’s fans were quick to give the song its well-deserved praise. Soon after, Jackson created a type of “walk down memory lane” when he released a music video for the track.

Throughout the heartwarming video, viewers get to see snapshots of important moments from Jackson’s life and career.

Alan Jackson takes us back before he was a country superstar by showing viewers photos of himself as a child. He also surprised fans when he shared a few snaps from his wedding.

Undoubtedly, these photos bring a sentimental feeling to anyone who watches the emotional video. Jackson’s song about living in the present without lamenting on the past is a reminder we all need during these turbulent times.