Country Throwback: Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert Perform ‘Somethin’ Bad’ at 2014 Billboard Awards

by Atlanta Northcutt

When Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert, the two country queens, take the stage to debut a new song, you can expect something great coming from “Somethin’ Bad.”

Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert came onto the stage ready to be bad. The heat was turned all the way up, the electricity was flowing, and feisty attitudes came from the country divas who melted the audience with their fiery debut of “Something Bad” at the 2014 Billboard Awards.

Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert: Two Tough Women

Brad Paisley introduced the performance calling Underwood and Lambert two of country’s finest and strongest women.

He then says, “They are about to perform their new duet ‘Somethin’ Bad’ for their first time anywhere on the Billboard stage. The song is called ‘Somethin’ Bad,’ but it’s actually great.”

Decked out in black and red leather attire, messy hair, and studs, the women looked as though they were going to “get on their bikes and ride” following the performance.

The two rose out of a fire shooting behind them, singing together as the glowing red flames erupted from the stage. Sparks flew with the women walking down the stage’s steps with nothing but pure attitude ready to do ‘something bad.’

The Performance at the 2014 Billboard Awards

The debut by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood took the Las Vegas Billboards by surprise as the crowd rose to their feet clapping and cheering as the genres of country and rock combined, creating a boot-stomping good time.

Both played off of each other, singing together and becoming filled with more adrenaline and emotion while meeting each other’s vocals.

Lambert Expresses Her Respect for Carrie Underwood

“I’m a huge Carrie Underwood fan,” Lambert gushes to Billboard. “‘Somethin’ Bad’ is a meshing of our styles, and there aren’t many female collaborations in our format so I’m really excited to be debuting it on the Billboard Awards.”

“Singing with Carrie Underwood is very, very intimidating. I’ll be honest. She is an amazing vocalist,” Lambert admits. “Asking her to do [the duet] was nerve-wracking. I sent her an e-mail, a long, blabbing e-mail about if she wanted to sing on the record, it could be cool, but maybe she didn’t want to, and if she liked the song, but she didn’t have to like the song … and when I sent it, I thought, ‘This sounds ridiculous.’”

Two Country Females Ready to Do “Somethin’ Bad”

But the magic happened when the two strong country women came together and put on an unforgettable show debuting “Somethin’ Bad” off of Lambert’s album Platinum.

With both Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood having countless awards under their belts, I would say they’ve got the talent and attitude to be at the top of the list of country women who would kick butt with the leather soles of their boots.