Country Throwback: Conway Twitty Performs ‘Hello Darlin’ on ‘Johnny Cash Show’ in 1971

by Joe Rutland

Country music legend Johnny Cash shared the Ryman Auditorium stage with close friend Conway Twitty on ABC’s “The Johnny Cash Show.”

Cash, who hosted the show for two seasons on ABC out of Nashville, had an opportunity to give different country music stars national TV attention.

Twitty already had made a name for himself by this time, first in the rock-and-roll world with “It’s Only Make Believe.” He changed over into country music and kept on scoring hit songs and records.

In this appearance on Cash’s show, Conway Twitty performs “Hello Darlin’,” the title track to his 1970 album of the same name. It was written by Twitty himself.

The song’s lyrics speak of a man trying to say he’s sorry for “doing wrong” to his former woman. He’s asking her how she is doing, says it’s been a long time since he’s seen her and, in a way, wishes she was still with him. These themes ring out in the song’s first four verses.

“Hello darlin’
Nice to see you
It’s been a long time
You’re just as lovely
As you used to be

How’s your new love
Are you happy?
Hope you’re doin’ fine
Just to know means so much to me

What’s that darlin’
How am I doin’?
I’m doin’ alright
Except I can’t sleep
I cry all night ’til dawn

What I’m tryin’ to say is
I love you and I miss you
And I’m so sorry
That I did you wrong”

Take a minute and enjoy Twitty singing his song back in 1971.

Conway Twitty Has A Lifetime Fan In Kenny Chesney

There’s no doubt that country music singers and songwriters people listen to today were influenced by those who came before them.

Kenny Chesney, who is one of those big stars, admits that Twitty’s music and style played a role in his own music. He said it was because “he sang directly, almost every song he sang, he sang directly to the ladies out there.”

Looking at his entire career shows anyone the depth and breadth of his success. First, Twitty had 55 No. 1 singles; second, he sold more than 50 million records; and third, he collected more than 100 major awards.

The album covers that he delivered to fans were, by some, seen as a bit cheesy but his fans bought them up over and over again.

Twitty’s career spans four decades and includes 58 studio albums and forty-four number ones here in the States. Most of his cover art walks that fine line like no one else.

His clothes in this video of him singing “You’ve Never Been This Far Before” reflects the Conway Twitty style at the time.