Country Throwback: Faith Hill Sings ‘I Can’t Do That Anymore’ at 1996 CMAs

by Jon D. B.

If you throwback for no other reason with us this time: do it for Faith Hill‘s signature 1996 hairdo as she knocks Alan Jackson‘s “I Can’t Do That Anymore” out of the park.

While fans certainly know her beloved recording of “I Can’t Do That Anymore,” fewer may know the 90s staple was actually written by Alan Jackson. Jackson himself, however, never recorded the song, as it was meant for Hill to perform. And who could argue with Alan Jackson?

As such, “Anymore” hit in October 1996 as one of five singles from Hill’s album: It Matters to Me. Country fans catapulted the song to No. 8 on the Billboard Country charts for the remainder of the year through 1997. This alone cemented the song’s place as a 90s country classic.

For today’s Country Throwback with Faith Hill, we’re looking at another performance that heavily factored into the song’s success: her rendition at the 30th Annual CMA Awards. Jackson’s song, alongside Hill’s famous voice, beauty, and brilliantly 90s hair & makeup, make this one clip from the era of VHSs and landlines you won’t want to miss.

1996: Big Country, Big Hair at the CMAs

Held in 1996, the 30th Annual CMA Awards held 90s country at its peak. Big hair – from perms to mullets to both combined – were in, as were big, sweeping country ballads like Hill’s “I Can’t Do That Anymore.”

Hill’s performance of the hit is outstanding, as always, as she pours herself into Alan Jackson‘s lyrics. Despite this, however, 1996 would not be kind to her at the CMAs. In total, Faith Hill received only one nomination: for Female Vocalist of the Year.

Looking at the year’s nominations show just how much times have changed, too. Every single nominee for the CMA’s coveted Entertainer of the Year was male – a trait multiple country music associations would come under fire for in the years to come (some still struggling with this today).

Despite her nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year, Hill would lose out to Patty Loveless that year. This didn’t stop her from knocking “I Can’t Do That Anymore” out of the park, though, as we’ll relive below.

Faith Hill: ‘I Can’t Do That Anymore’ (1996)

What a talent. What a voice… And what a fierce look. Relive 1996 with Faith Hill as she gives her all to “I Can’t Do That Anymore.”

Faith Hill performs “I Can’t Do That Anymore” at the 1996 CMA Awards. Introduction by Vince Gill. [Audio has been altered to remove the heavy amount of audio static from the VHS recording.]


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