Country Throwback: George Jones Performs ‘She Thinks I Still Care’ on ‘Johnny Cash Show’

by Joe Rutland

Classic country music singers bring people to tears as they stir up memories of family and days gone by. One of those voices is George Jones.

Jones was quite a rebellious soul at times, but he also produced some of the best country music ever heard. His rough-honed voice, one that might have been affected by a few drinks in Jones’ day, brought richness to his songs. A lot of his work was focused around a familiar theme in country music songs of his day: love gained and love lost.

Songs like “The Race Is On” and his classic “White Lightning” are still played in country music bars to this day. The Country Music Hall of Fame inducted Jones into their ranks in 1992.

Jones appeared on an episode of “The Johnny Cash Show” back in 1970, performing a trilogy of his songs. They included “She Things I Still Care,” “The Race Is On,” and “Love Bug.”

Take a look at Jones’ performance and notice how different country music singers dressed in those days. Ah, the glory days of classic country music.

George Jones Did Not Always Have An Easy Life

George Jones would be the first person to admit, after a lot of years, that alcoholism and drug addiction plagued his life. He was married four times before his death in 2013.

One of those marriages was to Tammy Wynette. Many people viewed that as country music royalty coming together for a winning partnership. It did not work out that way, though.

When Jones met his fourth wife, Nancy, it was through a blind date. But there was something, though, that kept Nancy around when others could not stay with him.

Nancy Sepulvado wasn’t a fan of his music, but her friend was dating Jones’ manager. She took her to one of his concerts and, well, she fell for both the music and the man. They were married in 1983 at Jones’ sister’s home in the Pineywoods area of Southeast Texas, specifically in Woodville, Texas.

His Fourth Wife Was Well Aware of Jones’ Personal History

She knew about Jones’ issues, yet looked beyond them to see the good side of George. After a car crash put him in a hospital in 1999, Jones faced the music and got sober. He would remain that way, still married to Nancy, until his death.

His humble roots played a role in Jones’ life. Jones was born in the Big Thicket, which is a forest area located in Southeast Texas. As a young child, his family moved into government-subsidized housing in Beaumont, Texas. Country music legends like Roy Acuff, Hank Williams, and Lefty Frizzell helped shape his musical tastes.

His myriad of personal problems became fodder for fans and media covering country music. Yet Jones’ music has stood the test of time and still touches people’s hearts when they hear it. Jones always will have a touch of being an outsider connected with his name. A rebel, yes, yet one who tamed his demons late in life.

Here is Jones performing his classic “He Stopped Loving Her Today” at the Grand Ole Opry.

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