Country Throwback: George Strait Stars in 1992 Film ‘Pure Country’

by Katie Maloney

Twenty-nine years ago, country music legend George Strait strapped on his acting boots for his film debut in Pure Country.

Who doesn’t dream of roping in a country music star when he’s taking a break from the spotlight to herd cattle on a small-town ranch? Well, that was exactly what happened in Strait’s 1992 film, Pure Country. Strait basically plays himself in the movie as Dusty Wyatt Chandler, one of the biggest stars in country music. However, Dusty grows tired of the spotlight so he decides to return to his hometown to escape fame for a while. He gets a job at a ranch and quickly falls for the owner’s granddaughter. However, Dusty’s manager is determined to get him back on stage. Will he end up with the love of his life, or will he return to hollow performances at sold-out shows? You’ll just have to watch and find out!

George Strait in Pure Country

Interesting Facts About George Strait’s Movie, Pure Country

For anyone looking to dominate some George Strait trivia during your next Pure Country movie night, we’ve got some little-known facts about the movie.

1.) The Movie Was Considered A Flop

Upon its release in theaters, the film did not do well. In fact, movie industry executives considered the movie to be a box office flop. However, the soundtrack was a huge success. The soundtrack is Strait’s best-selling album to date and has sold over six million copies. Is that really a surprise? We all know George Strait is a musical genius so, of course, the soundtrack is going to be great.

2.) Elvis Presley’s Manager Encouraged Strait To Become An Actor

Elvis’ former manager, Colonel Tom Parker watched Strait perform in Vegas several times. One night, Parker was so impressed by the performance that he went backstage to tell Strait that he should pursue an acting career. Initially, Strait was not interested in the idea and ignored Parker’s suggestion. However, Parker enlisted another friend to talk with Strait. Eventually, Strait caved and Parker’s friend called the writers of Pure Country to inform them that they had their Dusty Wyatt Chandler.

3.) There’s A Reason There’s No Kiss At The End Of The Movie

Some viewers questioned why Strait didn’t kiss his love interest at the end of the movie. Instead, he lifts her up in a passionate hug. However, there’s a really beautiful reason behind the cinematic choice. Strait has been happily married to his high school sweetheart, Norma since 1971. Out of respect for his wife, Strait didn’t kiss his co-star at the end of the film. Just when we thought we couldn’t love George Strait anymore, we find out a lovely little tidbit like this!