Country Throwback: Keith Urban and John Fogerty Jam Out to ‘Bad Moon Rising’ in 2005

by Keeli Parkey

Getting to work with someone you have admired for a long time is always special. Keith Urban got to experience that amazing feeling more than a decade ago when he performed with John Fogerty.

The country music star and rock ‘n’ roll legend appeared on stage together for an episode of “CMT Crossroads.” That episode ran on television on Feb. 19, 2005 – 16 years ago today, according to Taste of Country.

During the performance, the stars, both of whom are also talented songwriters, collaborated on one another songs and the results were unforgettable. John Fogerty’s band Creedence Clearwater Revival was represented on stage. Keith Urban and Fogerty performed the band’s hits “Bad Moon Rising” and “Down on the Corner.” They also sang Fogerty’s classic song “Centerfield.”

Being the major fan that he is, Keith Urban is very familiar with Fogerty’s work. His parents had the legend’s records and he listened to them while growing up. Urban held a deep appreciation for Fogerty’s songs and the sound of his voice.

“The sound of those records … was so just primal,” Urban reportedly said at the time. “There was so much space in those records and, then, his voice. Nothing sounds like John. And he doesn’t sound like anybody else. It’s rare when you find those truly unique voices like that.”

Keith Urban, John Fogerty Also Perform ‘Days Go By’ and ‘You’ll Think of Me’ during Episode

In addition to Fogerty’s songs, the duo also performed some of Keith Urban’s hits. These included “You’ll Think of Me” and “Days Go By,” according to the article. At the time, Fogerty praised Urban’s talents, particularly his guitar playing.

“Keith is going to be here a long time because he’s just loaded with talent,” Fogerty reportedly said at the time. “Sings great, writes songs and seems to have that radar to work with good people. I just think he’s got it all together, and it’s like a skyrocket just starting. That’s the way I feel about him.”

Keith Urban and John Fogerty also worked together during 2013, according to the article. That year Urban sang “Almost Saturday Night” with Fogerty for the album. The album as “Wrote a Song for Everyone” and featured other artists singing Fogerty’s songs.

The “CMT Crossroads” episode that featured Keith Urban and John Fogerty came about after the pair met during 2004 at a Bruce Springsteen concert. Prior to taping their performance, they rehearsed for two days. Urban had a head start on that work, thanks to his familiarity with Fogerty’s work for so many years.

According to the article, Urban also said: “I’m fortunate that I know these songs so well. It wasn’t that I had to sit down and really sort of study all the parts. It’s a lot of fun playing with him. When you’re standing next to the guy who wrote ‘Bad Moon Rising’ – and he’s singing ‘Bad Moon Rising’ – you’re like, ‘Oh, wow. This is pretty damn good right here.'”

You can watch Keith Urban join John Fogerty on the song “Bad Moon Rising” during their CMT Crossroads episode below. It’s definitely worth watching.

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