Country Throwback: Kenny Chesney Rocks ‘Anything But Mine’ Performance for 2005 Special

by Katie Maloney

Kenny Chesney rocks his song, “Anything But Mine,” during a 2005 television special.

Chesney performed the song for his first network TV special, “Kenny Chesney: Somewhere in the Sun.” The special aired in November 2005 on ABC, and later on CMT. The hour-long special combined live concert footage from his show at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Stadium with behind-the-scenes footage filmed while on the road and at his home in the Caribbean. A week before the performance, Chesney won the Academy of Country Music’s award for entertainer of the year. 

During an interview about the special, Chesney said that it was the next step in bringing his music to fans. “They’re looking at a way to bring my fans into our world, even more than they already have been. And they understand the role music plays in that relationship,” says Chesney. “It’s a strange balance, really, the idea of the music coming from such a private place, then it becoming something that’s big enough to rock a stadium,” he continues.

Kenny Chesney’s Song Is About Long Lost Love

“Anything But Mine” spent 24 weeks on the chart peaking in the number one spot. The song is about a couple who falls in love but has to part ways. Although he has to leave her, he can’t imagine her being with anyone else. During the song, Chesney sings, “But in the morning I’m leaving, making my way back to Cleveland. So tonight I hope that I will do just fine. And I don’t see how you could ever be anything but mine.”

Kenny Chesney filmed part of his music video for the song in front of the old Hurricane roller coaster in Myrtle Beach. He says that the setting really captures the romanticism of long lost love.

“It was a magical night. A long night, but magical,” says Chesney. “The midway was so old school and out of time. It spoke to something so romantic. For a song that exists wherever your memory is, it really captured that feeling – whether you’re 21 and leaving that girl, or you’re 70 and still thinking about that other person,” says Chesney.