Country Throwback: Shania Twain Performs Dazzling Rendition of ‘You’re Still the One’ in 2014

by Atlanta Northcutt

Shania Twain blessed audience members with a mesmerizing performance of her hit song “You’re Still the One.” Her soaring vocals and a very unique guest star created an unforgettable show.

The country icon ages like a fine wine, and so does her music.

Shania Soars in “Sin City”

Her talents in singing and capturing a beautiful image onstage heighten her individual artistry. This was made even more apparent in 2014 when the star put on a one-of-a-kind concert in Las Vegas.

Twain rode a horse onto a Las Vegas stage during her 2014 performance of “You’re Still the One,” granting the audience what is, without a doubt, one of the most epic entrances.

Twain Gives a Magical Performance

A small, yet powerful symphony of string instruments open the show as a video plays behind the otherwise empty stage. Two talented violinists and a cello player stand to the side in all-black attire.

The three musicians have already begun to pull audience members into the performance from the get-go by creating a surreal emotion only string instruments can conjure.

The background video begins with a vast, dark forest. A black horse appears as the music is slow and calming. All of a sudden flames start to engulf the trees, reflecting off of the animal’s dark eyes. The horse panics and runs through the fiery forest.

At that moment, the musicians suddenly speed up the sound to create an intense moment of desperate yearning to know what happens to this beautiful black steed.

As the music lightens, it begins to snow. The forest seems to quickly heal itself while a solid white horse replaces the enchanting black one. A sense of calm and purity comes over viewers as the video ends and live music rings in the opening tune of “You’re Still the One.”

Shania Twain Brings a Fairy Tale to Life

The majestic image of Twain riding bareback on a white stallion into the concert is definitely a divine diva moment.

The talented singer sits comfortably and confidently atop the horse while wearing a flowing white gown and glamorous fur jacket as her long, luxurious brown curls bounce with each powerful step the horse takes.

The horse then bows twice with each leg.

Ya’ll, this horse bowed, not once, but twice!

The regal animal appears just as comfortable on stage as the award-winning country star. Shania lovingly strokes and seems to serenade the horse throughout the song after flawlessly dismounting from the noble steed.

Twain then removes her fur jacket, placing it on the back of the large horse. She belts the lyrics to the love song while looking deeply into its large, gentle eyes.

The Beautiful Singer and Her Brave Steed

Shania brought a real life fairy tale to the stage, turning “Sin City” into a pure and angelic sweetness.

The crowd took in every moment from the beginning to the end of the song. Applause erupted upon her entrance, the horse’s delicate display of tricks, and her exit after hitting every note without fault.

“You’re Still The One” was written and released by Shania Twain in 1998. It appeared as the third single from her album Come on Over. The song reached No. 2 and solidified her talents of being a crossover artist as it became a “Top Ten Hit” on Billboard’s all-genre Hot 100.

Although Shania Twain’s live performances have always been magical, this one takes the cake.